May 11, 2020 10:20 PM

Pilibhit (UP) (Face2News)

Laying th e first milestone of self dependency of police families’ women with manufacturing of face masks for police force in reserve police lines campus at Pilibhit, Bhavna Dixit, the wife of superintendent of police, Abhishek Dixit, has taken steps to imbue the lives of women from police families with self employment orientation.

Having inspired by the Hindi movie Padman, Bhavna has chalked out a plan for setting up a commercial unit for the manufacturing of low cost sanitary napkins at the police headquarters in Pilibhit. As per Dixit, she is fully fledged with concerned technical know-how and she aspires to utilize it for the women welfare.

“Our plan has already been finalized and we will practically embark upon the project very soon under the banner of ‘Vama Sarthi’, a creative platform of UP Police Family Welfare Association headed by the wife of director general of police at the state capital and the wives of SPs at district headquarters across the state. This will be the first project of its kind to be launched in Vama Sarthi in entire state”, Bhavna said.

The need of manufacturing the sanitary napkins was felt in reference to extremely low rate of their use in India despite various promotional campaigns sponsored by the government and NGOs from time to time, she said.

Referring to an estimation of Menstrual Hygiene Alliance of India (MHAI), she said that “the concerned reports project a gloomy picture about the access of women to sanitary napkins especially belonging to poor and downtrodden sections. It is an ironical fact that of the total 336 menstruating women in India, the sanitary napkin is used only by 36% women. This accounts for a total of 121 million women who adopt the safe hygiene practice while the rest are still dependent upon the traditional methods of menstrual hygiene management”, explained Dixit.

Our plan envisages starting with a feasible level of production to at least maintain the break-even point flawlessly from the initial stage. For this, we have made accurate assessments of the indigenous demand of our product in police families, rural and urban areas especially in slums as this exercise was essential for serving the womanhood for everlasting time period”, she said.

Vama Sarthi would ensure technical and scientific support for the project from expert institutions working in the same field. She also contacted Arunachalam Muruganatham in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu, a pioneer of manufacturing low cost sanitary napkins and generating awareness about menstrual hygiene in rural India for his guielines, Dixit divulged.

The project would involve active participation of women from 250 police families in Pilibhit who would be given proper training of managing the manufacturing unit and the supply chain of finished product. The partial funds for the unit would be generated by the police families and the rest by the government financial institutions, she said.
“This will not only make the women from police families financially independent even after their transfer but also serve the noble cause of women welfare”, Bhavna said.

The SP, Abhishek Dixit, told the inspector of reserve police lines would be designated as the nodal officer for this project by designation.

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