May 30, 2020 09:54 PM

Chandigarh: UT administrator to chair review meeting on Monday to finalize relaxations for unlock 1.0 in Chandigarh

Chandigarh (Face2News) 

Ministry of Home Affairs, issues fresh guidlines with restrictions of containment zones. Now the morning walkers to walk free at 5 AM after ending the lockdown 4.0. The   Salons, barber shops in Chandigarh to open from Tuesday. UT administration has prepared SOP in this regard. The curfew timings will be now 9 PM to 5 AM , as per the  uidlines issued by the MHA.

*As per MHA guidelines, there shall be no restriction on inter state and intra state movement of persons and goods. However, if state/Ut based on reasons of public health proposes to regulate movement of persons, it will give wide publicity in advance regarding restrictions.

*In Phase I, religious places and places of worship for public; hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services; and shopping malls; will be permitted to open from June 8, 2020. Health Ministry will issue SOPs for the above activities. 

*In Phase II, schools, colleges, coaching institutes will be opened after consultation with states and UTs. Based on the feedback, decision will be taken on re-opening in the month of July .

* State, UTs to hold consultations with parents, other stakeholders on re-opening of academic institutions from July.

*Schools, colleges, educational, training, coaching institutions will be opened after consultations with states and UTs.

*Decision on restarting international air travel, Metro trains, cinema halls, gym, political gathering after assessing situation.

*Night Curfew shall continue to remain in force, on the movement of individuals, for all non-essential activities. However, the revised timings of the curfew will be from 9 pm to 5 am.

All activities that were prohibited earlier will be opened up in areas outside Containment Zones in a phased manner, with the stipulation of following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to be prescribed by the Health Ministry.

The guidelines will come into effect from June 1 and will be effective till June 30.

Chandigarh: UT administrator to chair review meeting on Monday to finalize relaxations for unlock 1.0 in Chandigarh

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