May 24, 2020 07:07 PM

  Chandigarh (Face2News)

The Rural Education Welfare Association guides private schools of villages dedicated exclusively to rural education. Its task is to uplift the private schools of the villages. All the schools of different villages congratulated on its registration to office bearers . During a simple ceremony, Vijay Jindal congratulated to REWA President VB Kapil.

VB Kapil said that children of people belonging to economically weaker sections of villages take education from these schools. These schools operate on the basis of no profit no loss. REWA i.e. the Rural Education Welfare Association is determined to develop these schools.

Kapil said that the work of this association is to maintain the quality of education. Most of the schools in all rural areas of Chandigarh are members of this association.

The office bearers of the association are working with dedication to solve the problem of these schools. Secretary Himani Sharma said that the unprecedented work of the association cannot be ignored. It has always presented its message in concrete terms ie well-versed among top officials of administration and education department.
Vice President DS Arora said that this association is dedicated to the sacred work like education and other social services as and when need arises.

Association's Press Spokesperson, Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma said that most of the schools in rural areas have a commendable contribution. He expressed happiness over the registration of REWA. He thanked all the school owners for their best wishes. Finance Secretary Pradeep Sharma, Joint Secretary Vijay Sharma and Auditor Sanjeev Joshi were also present at the ceremony.

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